Planning a Cruise: 5 Things You Should Never Do

Some people think planning a cruise is as easy as picking a ship and going to the vacation. But there are so many things to consider when planning this vacation. Avoid the mistakes of other cruise travelers. Here the top things you should never do when it comes to cruise planning.

1. Not Do Enough Research

One common mistake is not doing enough research. You have to study various aspects of your vacation, including cruise lines, accommodations, amenities, shore excursions, rates and services before you book your cruise. This is to ensure you will be able to make smart choices. Compare prices of cruise lines against those offered by travel agents to find one to give you a better value for your money. Choose a reputable cruise line that offers shore excursions, amenities and accommodations to fit your taste and preference. Read online customer reviews to find out more information from the perspective of clients.

2. Not Create a Packing Checklist

People forgo packing checklists, thinking these are not important. But it's a typical mistake for cruise travelers to pack too little or to pack too much. Making a packing checklist will give you a clear overview of the things you will be bringing. This will help you unpack those items you can do without and to help you remember important things you forgot to pack. Remember that most of your daily needs will be provided in the ship, from toiletries to food to towels. But don't forget also to bring crucial items like medication for serious health condition, travel documents and cash.

3. Arrive in Port the Same Day as Cruise Departure

It is not smart to arrive in the cruise terminal port at the same day of your cruise ship departure. Unless you just live nearby, it would be best to arrive a few days earlier, especially if you're flying. This is important to avoid unexpected setbacks that may cause your travel delay. Remember, if you're too late, the ship will leave without you.

4. Fail to Book Airfare First

Before you book for your cruise travel, first book your airfare to the cruise terminal. You do not want to find an excellent deal on a cruise only to find out the airfare going to that port will cost 5 times more than the usual airfare rates. Worse, you might find out there is no flight going there. If this happens, you can kiss your dream cruise goodbye along with the hundreds of dollars you've spent on a reservation. Always consider cruise ports with multiple airports, such as Miami, so there's better chance of getting a cheap flight going there.

5. Not Formulate a Budget

Cruise trips are not cheap. Even if you are prepared to spend a lot of money, you should never go on a vacation without setting a budget for your expenses. This will help you to keep track of all your expenses to ensure you won't be short of funds or depleted of money when you come back home after your trip.

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