5 Common Complaints in Royal Caribbean Cruise Reviews

Royal Caribbean cruise reviews say lots of nice things about the world’s second largest cruise operator. This cruise line not only boasts of numerous cruise ships but also prides itself for having 3 of the largest passengers ships ever built in its fleet. These ships include the Explorer of the Seas, Adventure of the Seas and the Voyagers of the Seas. Even though Royal Caribbean is on top in the industry, it does not mean it does not encounter a few problems along the way. If you read cruise reviews, you will find some complaints about the Royal Caribbean, which you would certainly know about if you would want to plan a cruise vacation with this cruise line.

1. Unavailable Amenities

If you observe online cruise reviews from travelers who have traveled with Royal Caribbean, you will notice one of the most common complaint is unavailable amenities. Some travelers complain about closed casinos. Some are annoyed when pools are not open for service. Some don’t like it when the dining area does not offer ala carte meals but only buffet-style dining. Some hate cold showers or tepid hot tubs. While some guests readily let the lack of amenities pass, others think it is not fair to pay the full price of the cruise vacation and not be able to get every penny’s worth.

2. Electrical Engine Problems

There are also some instances when cruise ships have experienced electrical engine problems. When these problems cause minor drawbacks like short trip delays or momentary power outages, customers don’t mind. But when electrical engine problems bring about major holdup that can affect the quality of vacation, these can upset guests and cause them to complain.

3. Food Poisoning

This is one of the biggest issues Royal Caribbean has ever encountered. Food safety is a major concern for anyone. When a person experiences food poisoning aboard the ship, he or she has no one else to blame but the cruise line. Those who get minor food poisoning with mild upset stomachs are only slightly irked with such incidents, but more serious cases bring about more serious repercussions. Some people even take legal course of action for problems like this.

4. Unprofessional Service

Crewmembers and staff are always expected to be courteous, friendly, professional and gracious. But there are a few occasions when problems arise between crewmembers and guests that lead guests to complain about unprofessionalism. When dealing with customers, even the most difficult ones, crewmembers must always keep in mind that customers are always right.

5. Canceled Itineraries

When travel itineraries are cancelled, cruise travelers don’t mind as much if the reason is valid. What they don’t like is when travel itineraries are cancelled, and they are not informed about it. Some have been informed at the last minute, while others find out they won’t be going to that particular place where they already made bookings or reservations for the attractions. 

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