How to Prepare for a Caribbean Cruise

A Caribbean cruise is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and to your family. But even though you are sure to have a grand time, it is still necessary that you take time to plan things out so you can make the most of your trip. Below you will find smart cruise tips on how to prepare for this kind of vacation.

6 Months Before

Preparing for a Caribbean cruise should start about 6 months before your planned departure. Six months prior to the trip, you should be able to delineate a budget for the expenses. You should also do extensive research on Caribbean destinations by reading books, travel guides, online resources and also by talking to family and friends who have gone on this kind of trip. If you have extra money, you may also consult a travel agent. Book your flight and accommodations, as well as the cruise line vacation. The earlier it is, the better chances for you to get the best possible deals.

3 Months Before

As your travel date nears, you should be able to secure all visas, passports and other travel documents necessary for the Caribbean trip. If you are going to visit during the peak season, like from November to April, it would be best to also book reservations for restaurants or any other thing you wish to do or visit during your trip. If you are planning to go scuba diving (which you must since Caribbean islands are teeming with grand underwater life), you should pursue a scuba certification.

1 Month Before

A month before your trip, you should already have a packing checklist prepared. This is to ensure that you have everything you need for the trip and that you will not forget anything important. Confirm reservations you have made with resorts, airlines, cruise ships, rental companies, restaurants and so on.

1 Week Before

A week before your trip, you should already print your airline itinerary or get them from the travel agent. Secure these tickets in a place that you won’t forget and you can easily access. Get traveler’s checks from your bank if you prefer to use these. Organize travel itineraries and print them out into small handy documents. Prepare all the prescribed medicines that you need. Get copies of your passports, visas, and travel documents. You should have copies for yourself but also leave duplicates with a trusted friend or relative who can e-mail you the copy of the document if you need it. Make the necessary arrangements on transportation and plan shore excursions. If you have any needs, talk to the travel concierge to discuss these matters. It is also smart to check the weather forecast in your Caribbean destinations so you can pack accordingly. You may also start with the packing 2 or 3 days before the trip. Use the checklist to double check and ensure that you don’t forget anything.

One Day Before

Get ample sleep so you can arrive for your flight on time. Check updated information about your flight. Arrange your bags and label everything. 

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