St. Lawrence River Cruises: The 3 Best Ships

The Saint Lawrence River is a river that runs through Canada and can be best enjoyed on St. Laurence River cruises. The cruises offered by many companies travelling down the St. Laurence River are some of the most popular in Canada. The river flows along the border between the United States and Canada, but it rarely crosses the border to the South into the United States. There are many different ships that run the course of the river and offer differing experiences. These ships can add a whole new element to the overall ambiance of the cruise. Depending on what you prefer to do on the cruise, each different ship offers different benefits. The 3 best ship options are expressed and discussed in this article.

1. St. Lawrence Cruise Line

The St. Lawrence Cruise Line offers many different ships and experiences all on the St. Lawrence River. They offer several different routes with different lengths and times. The primary focus of the St. Lawrence Cruise Line is the beautiful scenery. The southern portion of Canada through which the St. Lawrence River runs is green and fresh looking. There are many mountains and hills; beautiful running streams and waterfalls; and tall trees, expansive fields, and wonderful wildflowers. Added to this, is the abundant wildlife in the area such as the big brown bears.

2. Blount Small Ship Adventures

The Blount Small Ship Adventures cruise line offers a cruise that does not run entirely on the St. Lawrence River but ends up on it. It begins in New York and runs through to Toronto. These cruises are casual and relaxed and are an excellent way for individuals, who want and easygoing vacation to relax and take it easy. The ships are comfortable and exciting. Blount Small Ship Adventures offers the best cruise for people who want to be relaxed and comfortable. They focus less on the sites and the history of the area than on the comfort, but the cruises are perfect for those who would like to focus on relaxation.

3. Pearl Sea Cruises

Pearl Sea Cruises offer passengers an excellent way to become acquainted with the history of the region of Canada and especially Quebec. The shore excursions are focused on museums, art galleries and historic sites, which adds a special note to the whole experience. Some people do not enjoy the historic aspect of cruises and may therefore not particularly enjoy these cruises. Overall, most people would truly enjoy the history of the area. Although they do have a close focus on history, they do not neglect their guests on the ship.

The ship has many amenities and very nice and comfortable rooms. Many of the rooms have private balconies from which passengers will have an excellent view of the passing scenery. There ship amenities include 6 lounges, a well-stocked library and a spa. The experience will be an all around great time for anyone interested in having a comfortable, relaxing cruise while simultaneously experiencing and learning about the local history.

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