The 5 Best Mississippi River Cruise Ships

If you are planning on taking a Mississippi River cruise or its tributaries, you must be selective about the ship you take. There are several different cruise ships available with each providing a unique experience. From experiencing life as it was in the good old days to sailing on cruise ships that offer every amenity, there are several options.

1. Niagara Prince

Exploring the Mississippi River and its tributaries aboard the Niagara Prince can be an experience of a lifetime. This ship is small and is able to provide easy access to bodies of water which are inaccessible to the larger cruise ships. Besides giving you a chance to view little-known parts of the Mississippi River, Niagara Prince also gives you a better insight into the culture and history of this part of the world. It will even set you on shore where you can bike and kayak and taste wine as well as take photographs of scenic locales. The ship has bars, lounges, one dining room, restaurants and nonsmoking interior public areas. The cuisine is predominantly American, but guests can submit their own dietary restrictions.

2. Twilight

Come aboard the Twilight if you wish to take a cruise along the Upper Mississippi River. At night, you get to stay at Grand Harbor Resort at the Port of Dubuque. In the afternoon, on-board activities include folk music, humorists and the possibility of seeing an average of 20 to 30 bald eagles on each cruise.

3. Spirit of Peoria

A trip on board the Spirit of Peoria gives you an excellent chance to traverse the Mississippi River and its tributaries. It is an authentic paddle-wheeler that offers vintage entertainment while you travel to and from Starved Rock. The food is excellent, and so is the entertainment. A 2-day cruise will cost approximately $309 per person as of fall 2010. The 3-day cruises cost about $475 per person all-inclusive.

4. Delta Queen

If you want to experience the thrill of nostalgic Americana, you must take a trip on board the Delta Queen. It is the signature ship of the Delta Queen Steamboat Company. This is a magnificent steamboat in more ways than one. You will get a chance to relax in the comfort of the excellent Betty Blake Lounge. You can also enjoy your favorite tea in the Forward Cabin Lounge or have fun in the Texas Lounge. Other than this, you can celebrate all night long in Paddlewheel Lounge and take a dip in the bathing pool and work off the flab in a fitness room.

5. American Queen

The American Queen is an excellent cruise ship that has been modeled along the lines of the excellent steamboat palaces that traversed the Mississippi River in the 19th century. It offers the best of modern design coupled with vintage appeal. This ship offers everything to make your trip down the Mississippi River special. One of its main attractions is the delightful food served on board.

All in all, the American Queen offers a chance to relax during the daytime and party in the night. The amenities offered are truly fantastic, starting with rooms equipped with closets and big storage space. A Ladies Parlor allows women to pamper themselves, and there are plenty of onboard activities including cards in the Gentleman’s Card Room.

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