The Carnival Cruise Cancellation Policy: What You Should Know

Cruise cancellation can be a very negative and frustrating experience. Cruise lines are notoriously difficult to receive refunds from and Carnival Cruise Lines is no different. In fact, Carnival Cruise Lines has some of the worst reviews regarding cancellation among all cruise lines. To see a full list or more specific examples from people who have experienced the cancellation policy first hand, you can look into forums and blogs on the matter.

Common Complaints

The most frequent complaint with Carnival Cruise Lines' cancellation policy is the same as most other cancellation policies. Regardless of events or situations surrounding the cancellation, people are often unable to get a refund. There are, however, many other worrying claims against Carnival Cruise Lines regarding their cancellation policy that people should know prior to booking a cruise with them. The first of these is Carnival’s propensity for miscommunication or lack of communication. There have been many complaints from people who were unable to receive responses from the cruise line or have received communications late that are vague or have unrelated content with little to do with the actual problem at hand.

There have also been complaints that Carnival Cruise Lines will make mistakes in pricing or promising refunds or the like and will not stick by those promises, but rather expect the cruiser to flip the bill for what is promised. There have been issues with the cruise line telling a cruiser who has had to cancel that their refund is processing or processed, yet the cruiser never receives it. The cruisers are then told that they should not have been told they would receive a refund and would not receive one. Also, people have placed deposits on certain cruises but when trying to transfer to another cruise on another date, they are told they are not able to.

After this, they are given little attention and one day will receive a call that they need to pay the cruise in full within the day or they will lose their deposit. This is an issue of a lack of communication of the cancellation policy. This is why cruisers should be very familiar with the policy prior to purchasing their tickets.

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy does not allow for a full refund unless the cruise is canceled 70 days in advance for trips up to 5 days or 80 days for cruises that are 6 to 9 days, for cruises other than the Cruise to Nowhere. The refund will then be a percentage up until 9 days or fewer prior to the cruise when there will be no refund. Cruisers should know that Carnival does not accept exceptions regardless of what happens to cause the cancellation.

Cruise to Nowhere

Carnival’s Cruise to Nowhere has a different cancellation policy, which states that regardless of the amount of time prior to the cancellation, cruisers will not receive their deposit back. Cruises to Alaska or cruises 10 days or longer will receive no refund if the cruise is canceled within the last 19 days.

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