The Top 3 Adriatic Cruises

The Adriatic cruises give you a glimpse of the beautiful Italian and the mystical Balkan Peninsula. Travelling through this region is not difficult; the region is well-connected by air, road and rail. The ideal way to tour this region is by sea. The ports bordering this sea include exotic cities like Venice, Koper, Zadar, Ploce, Kotor and Split.

You have the option of choosing from several cruise liners like Dalmatian Coast Cruise, Euro River Cruise and Unique world cruises, and there are also several private yachts like Alpha Yachting that ply this region. Here are some types of cruises you should consider.

1. Italy-Croatia

The cruise begins at Venice, Italy, and heads towards Rovinj in Croatia. You can spend the day rediscovering the old city surrounded by 3 of its original 7 gates. The next stop is the fortified city of Zadar in Croatia. The ship then heads towards the oldest town in Croatia, Sibenik, that holds the Cathedral of St. Jakov, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The next stop is the picturesque island of Hvar followed by Split, the capital of Dalmatia. Split is marked with beautiful stone houses, cathedrals, palaces and UNESCO world heritage sites like the St. Dulmus Cathedral. The last stop of the cruise is Pula in Croatia, which is marked by beautifully preserved roman architecture. Try to taste the wine in Pula region before you head back to Venice.

2. A 4-country Cruise: Slovenia, Croatia, Albania and Montenegro

This is a 7-day tour aboard the MS Arion. The ship sets sail in the Renaissance city of Koper in Slovenia and passes through the bay of Koper to anchor Zadar in Croatia. Zadar was once considered the staunch rival of Venice, and it still holds reminiscence of that glorious period in the form of churches and cathedrals. While you are in Zadar, make time to see a permanent collection of church art known as “The Gold and Silver of Zadar.” The next stop is Ploce in Croatia. Most cruises also offer an optional tour of the old Mostar and the Turkish House in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The ship heads to Kotor in Montenegro which is the most picturesque fjord in the region. It visits Durres in Albania before heading for Dubrovnik in Croatia. It is on to Split in Croatia next, which is marked by the temple of Jupiter and the golden Gate. The ship then sails back for Koper where you disembark.

3. Alps and Adriatic

This tour covers Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania and is an 11-day cruise. This cruise lets you get a glimpse of the 5 countries and the majestic Alps. The tour starts on land in Ljubljana; you are transferred to Bled by road. Most tours lets you spend a couple of days in Bled, where you can ski and devour the beauty of the picturesque Bled Lake and Castle. After the short stay at Bled, you head towards Koper from where you set sail. The rest of the destinations of your cruise are similar to the 4-country cruise.

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