Finding Cheap Cruise Holidays

Finding deals for cheap cruise holidays is now an easier goal to obtain because of the many cruise liners competing to attract tourists. Gone are the days when luxury living in a cruise ship is as expensive as 5-star hotels. Today, guests can still receive the same high class cruise treatment but at a discounted price. The savings wrought can be utilized for the guests’ souvenirs and food allowance instead.


The first thing travelers must consider in search for cheap cruise holidays is the nature of the cruise trip being sought. Options are abundant; cruise holidays can be found for a tropical odyssey, jungle trip, beach hopping, cultural appreciation, Asian invasion, Caribbean outing, historical sightseeing or any other journey. Cruise lines have different specialties regarding luxury trips and sorting through this important factor narrows down the choices.

Number of People

The next thing to consider is the number of people that are to join the trip. It will be cheaper if a family shares one large suite rather than assigning different rooms to each member. For larger groups, remember that travel agents can give greater discounts with bulk buying. Aside from the fact that traveling in groups makes the trip more interesting, it opens opportunities for savings.

Trip Length

The duration of the cruise is an important consideration in finding cheap cruise holidays. If guests have the extra time, a week or longer trip will have a lower per day rates than a two or three night cruise. Prominent cruise lines such as Celebrity, Carnival, Disney, Crystal, Princess, and Royal Caribbean have their package offers posted on their sites so it is advisable to check there.


A first time cruiser must do the research on cheap cruise holidays. Two possible persons for advice are the frequent traveler and the travel agent. The frequent traveler may go on cruise at least 5 times a year and will thus have firsthand experience. These individuals (could be online) may be able to alert you to the best types of deals and limited time offers of luxury vessels; they will surely be able to tell you whether their cruise experiences were favorable or not. Advice from a travel agent will more accurately update you on the availability of packages. Cruise liners send out promo lists to travel agencies first; agents are knowledgeable on the lowest rates.

Travelers must also check the itineraries and inclusions of the cruise rates. Inclusions may include plane fare, port of call docks, shore excursions, boat meals, and use of ship amenities. Lower rates are always offered by ships with fewer amenities; be sure to watch out for hidden fees (e.g. port charges and taxes that have not been included in the package price).

Research should also include take note of how many port of calls and the cost of living in each port of call when calculating the cost of the cruise holiday. Some guests like to have more stops and less sightseeing while others prefer an extensive sightseeing even if there are fewer stops.  Regardless of preference, you will need to budget the expected activities. You should consider options for booking shore excursions on your own for better rates.


In summary,  when finding cheap cruise holidays, you  should consider the following factors: nature of the trip, number of guests, places to visit, duration of the trip, advice from travel expert, and extensive look at the inclusions and itineraries.

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