Finding Cheap Cruise Packages

A great way to feel rewarded is to reserve a luxury trip that is procured via a cheap cruise package. A cruise ship travel enables tourists to leave the turmoil of stressful living and enjoy the beauty of exotic places; it offers the ideal escape. It is a common misconception that these travels cost vacationers a fortune. In the past, families saved for a year just for 2 weeks’ vacation. Thrift travelers will be happy to know that promos exist on cruises; offering full service to passengers at a discounted rate.

Check Locations

The first step to catch cheap cruise packages is to check available destinations of cruises within in your expected travel time table. The locations are big factors when calculating the total price of the cruise. Some places have higher cost of living compared to the others thus greatly affecting the price (e.g. meals on shore, excursions, purchases etc.). Savvy travelers research the nature of an intended trip (e.g. Caribbean, beach, historical) so as to calculate the various additional costs that may be associated with a particular destination.


It is also important for travelers to know the amenities offered by the cruise ships. Cruise ships without pools, fitness centers, children’s room, and fancy eateries tend to offer lower rates than the lavish counterparts. If the guests are fine with this arrangement, choose the affordable package. Price, although not all the time, generally equals the amount of service expected; fewer services means lower rates.


Thrift passengers do not just wait for a discount offer to appear on their window but they do their research. On the Internet alone, there are thousands of discount travel sites offering whole package deals from airfare, transportation, and accommodation at a lesser price. The legitimate sites typically have partnered with various cruise lines to ensure that they get a cheaper price than the normal rate.  Be sure to check any website you visit to make sure the site is not deceptive; you will be more assured if the site displays membership in industry recognized associations.

Another factor to consider when seeking cheap cruise rates is the date of travel. Cruise travels offered on peak seasons such as during the summer may be more expensive ones.  There are exceptions to this; e.g. Caribbean cruises are discounted in the summer because it is hurricane season there during the summer or last minute deals may exist to fill a few remaining spots on a popular cruise. If guests are willing to settle for the remaining cabins, no matter where they are located on the ship, they are bound to get a cheap cruise package.

It is also smart to investigate different cruise ship choices that offer similar trips. If a certain destination has two cruise liners making a particular port of call, travelers should research which ships have the most affordable and friendly service. If the ships originate from different locations, it is wise to see if travel to one location is more advantageous than the other when calculating total cruise costs.

Travel Agents

It is also important for cruise travelers to consult seasoned travel agents. These people already know the ins and outs of the travel industry. They can recognize inflated cruise prices and dispense advice on the best deals and promos.

A good rule of thumb for those who do not like to leave things to the last minute is that booking cheap cruise packages months before the actual voyage is generally a good way to save more money. The extra cash guests take from the discount can be utilized for the food, shopping, and transportation allowance instead.

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