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There are some things on Carnival I don't care for.

I don't like singing and dancing waiters, and you'll see that in the dining room at dinner time. Thankfully it only lasts a couple minutes.

They do have lots of announcements during the day about this or that. But then, Royal Caribbean has been doing that too lately.

Carnival loves to hold bingo right before the big shows, and in the same showroom. This means if you don't go to bingo, or at least go and sit down when bingo starts, you might not find a seat for the show. The bingo people stay once the games are over. But then, once again, Royal Caribbean does this too.

But there is more to like! Carnival has great pizza and a great deli station in their buffet area. The best corned beef on rye on the high seas, and made in a sandwich press. Carnival also has oriental food on their ships, again in the buffet area. It is also high quality. If the ship has a Mongolian wok station, you are in luck. Stir-fry to order. Yum.

Carnival cabins are generally larger. They have nice duvets and pillows, and will not always as "pretty" as Royal Caribbean's cabins they are comfortable and most of all functional.

Dang. I keep talking like this and I'll have to change my booking for next summer.