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Just my opinion, but the bigger the boat you visit Tracy Arm aboard, the less the experience will be. I've always enjoyed pulling up close to the larger icebergs so you can touch them. The bald eagles perched on top will surely fly off well before a cruise ship gets within 1/4 mile. Only the small boats can get you close enough to actually TOUCH the fjord wall. Seals will have slipped off their icy perches well before a large cruise ship gets into view, whereas the small boat tours often have to slow down so they don't startle the sleeping animals by approaching TOO close!

No matter what boat you're on while visiting Tracy Arm, be sure the captain can stop for some whale watching along the way. The humpbacks and orcas have been all over the area just North of Tracy Arm since mid-April this year. It's probably also worth asking if your boat can stop for 20 minutes or so at Taku Harbor. This is, at least IMO, one of the most scenic small harbors in SE Alaska. It's one of those "Kodak Moment" places where you just CAN NOT take a bad photo.

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