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When are you planning on sailing? This spring or next winter?

When can mean two different itineraries. Now until spring, the Norwegian Wind is sailing the 10-11 day itineraries. Next winter it will be the Pride of Aloha.

The itinerary will be different too. The Wind attempts to sail to Fanning Island on every cruise. Every sail to Fanning Island consumes 4 days of your cruise. It has to since it's not flagged in America. The Pride of Aloha is, and doesn't have to sail to a foreign port, and will not most of the time. Just every fourth cruise or so is it scheduled to sail to Fanning Island.
So you'll have 4 more days sailing in just Hawaii, with more over nights and more sail bys.

The most complaints about NCLA ships have to do with service. Not that you will not get any, just not as much as you will on ships crewed with international crews. American crews will not brown nose you as much.