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Mary, I am so sorry to hear of your experience. I am glad you wrote them. They need to hear about these issues in order to make improvements. I've had a few off cruises too. Most notably the Celebration. The most indifferent crew ever. I almost wrote a letter, but since I walked off the ship with $2000 in winnings I soon forgot about it.

We are all different in nature I understand. I for one am not going to be treated rudely on a Carnival ship without consequence. I simply like you, have spent too much with them and sent them way too much business over many years for that. I would have asked for another waiter.

Come to think of it, I had to straighten a couple of the crew out last year on the Fascination. I was beginning to think it was a training cruise because half of them acted like they were new. One young lady at the casino cage told me they don't cash traveler's checks. I explained to her that it was Carnival's policy to cash traveler's checks at the cage. So she changed her tune to "we don't like to". My eyes are rolling now. So I go down to the GSD to cash my check.

I later told the casino manager about this, and he confirmed that there were a bunch of trainees on the ship and that particular cashier was new. He bought me a drink and apologized.

I'll probably regret saying this, but it is an observation of mine that JAX port attracts a certain demographic of cruisers. Of course not you or me Mary. At the same time it seems the ships they put there also have a "different" crew attitude. Just my personal observation and opinion.

I guess we all have an off cruise sometimes. I really hate when it happens to others as well as myself. I for one shall cruise on though with Carnival.