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I would not worry too much about boots, although I do think you should bring waterproof shoes that get some traction, in the event that you are doing nature stuff in wet ground/mud. I have a pair of shoes that look like sneakers, but are made for hiking and are water proof. The shoes that used to be referred to as "duck shoes" are also good. One thing I would definitely suggest is a waterproof gortex hat, with a broad brim which allows the rain to run off. That was probably one of the most useful items I had. Finally, since I am on a roll, I strongly advise that if you are taking a camera, that you purchase a couple of plastic bag type sleeves which will allow you to keep the camera dry, while you shoot photos through an opening in the bag. The useful thing about these is that the contain a drawstring which you can close around the lens sticking out. Very useful weather-related item. Also have microfiber lens cleaning cloth to wipe off rain drops from lens so you wont get them in your photos. Sorry to make this message so long. Have fun!