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Hello Linda and fellow cradle robber Phil (yes indeed my Neil is one too). I am merely a babe in arms (in a grandmotherly sort of way).

Enough of this fivolity: we are Aussies and Aussies travel - everywhere. So no we have been to England 5 times, France 3 etc etc. .. .
But we've never done a trans-Atlantic. Last trip was in 08 on Hal's Rotterdam from Greece to London. Super stuff!

Am thrilled that you'll allow me to join your Royal Princess chat. Will see you there, or talk to myself while you are all in bed for the night I think we're 17hrs ahead over here. Will check.

Must tell Neil, you and Phil come from Florida, it will spark yet another torrent of complaints about living in the most isolated country in the world, and how much it's costing him to get to YOUR starting point of FL. And I will sit down and do the math on these excursions too. Many thanks, Von

PS. Neil and I are both retired, adore travelling and the grandchildren in Sydney 2hrs south