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I cannot speak for all RCCL ships but on the Wind there were a couple good deals. The first night a card was placed on our bed with a laundry bag. Basically is said you probably have clothes that have wrinkled in your suitcases. Tomorrow only you can have any clothes pressed for half price. I took advantage of that since most of my clothes were cotton. I believe I had 10 shirts pressed for $5.00. On the second to last night another card was placed on our bed with another laudry bag. This time it said you probably do not want to take a bunch of dirty laundry home. have all the laundry you can out in this bag laundered for $25.00 (I think that was the price) You can have all the bags you want. Bags were pretty good size. I put all 10 shirts in one bag. I did bring a small bottle of laundry detergant to hand wash some small things. Unless you have a balcony though as suggested it takes forever for anything to dry. Oh, how I love those laundromats on some ships.