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We did the Dunn River Falls through the cruise ship - Triumph. This is place is not next door to the dock. Again, I always do the tours throught the ship; that way the Cruise ship knows where we are. Take a water camera with you. Bring you own water shoes or you got to rent them for each member of the family like another USD 5.00 per person. Also, Carnival takes pictures of everyone as they are walking up the falls. Nice touch. Pictures then cost I think $10.00 bucks. Also, the falls are very very slippery. Not really the best for toddlers. When you get to the top, I really don't like all the locals bothering us as we try to make our way to the bus. You have no choice you have to weave in and out of their shanty shacks. I found this very uncomfortable. Just say no thank you to their demands and proceed on your way. Once is enough for Dunn River Falls . We did not venture back when we went on Explorer last yea.