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I don't know where you've read all these terrible reports but I book cruises for a living and get regular reports back from Infinity and all the ships from 27 different lines. I can tell you that Infinity recieves regular and recent reviews that are as good as nearly any ship in the mainstream industry. Mt own mother, who was for years a Princess loyal recently asked me about a cruise with Celebrity and I told her what I'll tell you. There is no cruiseline I'd more highly recommend for overall quality of food and service. There are those out there that can find something to complain about if they look hard enough about any ship or cruiseline. There are also the rest of us who don't try so hard to find fault. I think if you'll let yourself, you'll have among the best cruise experiences of your life with your recent booking. But if you believe the bad press and go in with that as your expectation you'll find that too.

Ever have someone you like introduce you to someone they knew and say something like "Hey I want you to meet my good friend Rick, he's a great guy, you're going to love this guy". Ever had a friend say "See this guy coming this way, his name is Bob, what a jerk, I hope he doesn't stop to chat." You never met either of these fictitous people but you imediatly formed an opinion. You like Rick, you don't like or want anything to do with Bob. There are many more people out there that feel Celebrity is a Rick than those who see them as Bob. They wouldn't be in business and building new ships as we type if that weren't the case.

Cheers, Neil