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We always buy travel insurance. Anything can happen. The charter air I referenced comes from probably the biggest travel/cruise provider in my state, and they claim they have never missed a cruise due to mechanical delays--apparently they are a big enough customer for this particular airline that a reasonable backup is in place. I know people that would, but we would not risk messing up a several thousand dollar vacation to save $50 on airfare. Weather however can get dicey. I sweat bullets every year until I am sitting on the plane and it is flying over Florida.

My parents traveled in a group of 6 senior citizens for a 12 day. They arrived at the airport what I think of as Sr. Citizen early--probably 3 hours. They were offered 6 seats on a flight leaving right away if they wanted it. They went for it: it was the last flight out of Minneapolis that day as a weather front was moving in and the rest of the group had to meet the ship at the first port of call (not fun).
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