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I just returned from a cruise to the Panama Canal and several ports; i'm writing an article for my home town paper on this very subject. It isn't just as simple as should i or should't i; it takes careful planning and researching on the net; i too had to be sure i had hours to be back from the excursions i booked off ship-at half the price. In Jamaica, you must use Peat Taylor (google him); also in Grand Caymans, Moby Dick Tours (we just got off the ship and found him amongst the sea of snorkel/stingray encounter tours); and gold-coast panama at the Panama canal we booked on the ship because in Panama and Colombia i didn't feel safe to take an off tour; however, many of our shipmates just got off the ship, went to taxis and hired them at $20 per person for as much of the day as you wanted. In Jamaica, Peat Taylor took us around everywhere (Dunns River Falls, the BEST) from 8-4 and it was $35 per person per day and that included the cost of the falls; we also went river tubing and he even waited for us while we shopped! It was like a private tour, just us and one other family! They were done at 2, but he stayed with us, unbelievable! I found him thru a forum similar to this; if your time is SHORT and your off ship excursion could run too close,then book on the ship; however, in Aruba, the ATV on the ship was $129 and we did it for $67~! I emailed them THREE TIMES to verify the time and we did get back with a half hour to spare. You must take time and google and research the places you want to go and then the companies that go there and email email and re email them! Two of the three places we booked required no money ahead of time, but at completion of the tour; when our Costa Rica port was cancelled due to internal strife, we weren't out any money becuase we didn't pay ahead; most of the companies should refund if there is a problem, tho, but i checked iwth each one. Do your homework, it pays off!