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I notice it mostly always only happens on sea days when the ship is full. People go out and get a chair then go about doing other things. It seems there are more than enough chairs for everyone that are actually using them. It does get frustrating trying to get a chair with so many empty. I want to retract from my previous post, as I don't condone taking towels as souviners was said out of part jest and part frustration. But when they get their statement and the wife asks what is the $40 charge for towels..Oh that was those towels we took out and put on deck chairs and then we ate lunch and went to casino..I can't say I would have any sympathy for them. I have always been able to eventually find a chair, but I like midship on last day to see the goings on and the music. But is usually easier to get a few chairs together on aft lido. I really like all the innovative ideas for the chair "hog" problem. And now that they are telling people in Capers it may help. Last day at sea is really the only time I venture out there, except walking to the Buffett