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All good points coprgeorge. I have always listed on comment cards for cruises stopping in Jamaica that the cruise line needs to find another port.

There is just not that many for the cruise lines to choose from for "western caribbean" itineraries. So Jamaica is used. Doubling up days isn't a good way to solve it as many people want as many different ports as possible.
I'm sure that the Jamaican goverment offers incentives for the cruise lines to stop there in attempt to keep the money flow coming in (reduced docking fees/taxes).

And there ARE some people that like Jamaica. Saying its a complete waste of time is probably a bit too harsh. It is a beautiful place if you can get past the begging and harassment. Its just that those of us who have been there and have seen the worth while attractions have no desire to deal with the hassle to see the same things again.
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