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Yes we have.
Posted February 08, 2010 10:16 AM

This was our 16th cruise with Princess...we are loyal customers The 3rd on the Emerald Princess and the level of service has degraded from cruise to cruise.....only on this ship.
They forgot a millenium birthday. We booked this cruise just for the cake.
We have made a complaint through our Princess rep.
Our cabin guy...who we did not see throughout the cruise did not do a decent job of cleaning our cabin.
Our dining room guys were too busy looking at womens cleavages...never offered fresh ground pepper on any of my meals....service...poor.
Captains circle party invitations show up 10 hrs between each other.
Post cruise excursions forms never showed up in our cabins.
Bar service....did not know how to mix a Mai Tai.
Ordered hot a paper cup with hot water and a pouch of powder chocolate...I refused and made the guy do it right. Its not free...we pay for why dont we get what we should.
Its only on the Emerald.
Had a fabulous time on the Grand doing Aegean and Egypt..
I just wanted to know on the Grand since so many people on cruise critics complain about it.
Thank you.