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All of what Penny says is quite true. However, we have been cruising (and traveling) in Europe for about 35 years and have only taken one cruise line tour (in St Petersburg). Cruise line tours are overpriced, overcrowded (50 on a bus is not my idea of the way to see anything) and very tourist oriented. For those of us very comfortable traveling in Europe, going off on our own has many rewards and often costs a fraction of a tour. For those not wanting to be independent, its often much better to arrange a private tour. There is a lot of info on the internet about private tour options. If you do want to be independent, many of us here and on some other boards can give you info and the internet offers tons of valuable tips. As an example of savings, the cruise lines generally charge about $75 a person for a bus from Civitavecchia to Rome (takes about 1:15). But, you can also take the free port shuttle to the entrance, walk about 4 blocks to the train station, and catch a train into Rome (about 1 hour ride) for less than $20. In Naples, you can pay an inflated price for a tour to Capri, or you can walk about 5 min to the hydrofoil terminal, buy your ticket (the same boats used by the tours) and after a 50 min ride you are in Capri where its easy to get around on your own by walking...which is exactly what they do on the tours.