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I don't know if y'all enjoy snorkeling, but the Champagne Beach snorkel is awesome. You snorkel over volcano vents and can actually feel the difference in the temperature of the water. Not only that, but the bubbles make the water look like Champagne. It is breath-taking. After our snorkel in Tortola we had one of the cab drivers take us around the island. He charged us $20 and took us to a restaurant where you could look out and see where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet. Then he took us to a beautiful beach and showed us where Jimmy Buffet wrote Cheeseburger in Paradise. Martinique is a nice island to do a land tour, we always snorkel, however. Grenada is the spice island and doing a tour of their rain forest is beautiful as well. Grand Anse beach is gorgeous and the spices are great-really fragrant. Antigua we're going to for the first time in October. There's supposed to be 365 beaches. We're going to do a snorkel and then see if we could get a taxi to do a short tour. Let me know when you get back from Antigua if you hear of any great snorkeling trips. Enjoy your cruise!!