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Just returned from the Ryndam 3/23 to 4/2 cruise to Mexico. I wrote a note and gave extra compensation to 4 crew members who provided excellent service. I did not tell them that this was in addition to the mandatory amount deducted from our ship board account. My question is...will these crew members know that we paid the mandatory $10.00 per day and the evelope money was extra? Or will
they think that the extra amount was the only gratuity that my wife and I provided? And to make sure, if you sail on the Ryndam please find I.G., who is an Assistant dining room manager (a tall, handsome young man with a 10,000 watt smile) and please tell him that he, Sur, Alip, and Cabin Steward Joko should get our mandatory plus the extra money that I gave them in the evelope on April 1, from Mr and Mrs. Ruby who sat at table 160, second seating.