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I am booked on the Sept 21 sailing on NCL Pearl.............
The itinerary HAS changed... what a surprise !!!!!

It is a week away, and no one had notified me of the changes.... great...

I was going to write to NCL and tell them a family reunion date was changed just to coincide with my San Francisco stop (I was born there). My daughter and I will forfeit $150 each because of this. I thought they could at least give us photo or restaurant credit to make up for that (since it costs them almost nothing in those departments)............

BUT, after composing my letter and request, I could find no no email or FAX number to send it to !! So, I called Customer Service at NCL and began to explain. The lady cut me off and was extremely rude... wouldn't listen to anything I had to say! As a Latitudes member.... and (so far) an exclusive NCL cruiser..... I WAS SHOCKED !!!! I can remember years ago when they NEEDED repeat cruisers.

Maybe her rudeness was related to the hurricanes? I don't know.....