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In response to your question:
We booked and put a deposit on an inside cabin. I was assigned a cabin # at the time of the deposit.
We have 3 people. 2 adults 1 child
We asked about paying for an upgrade but they told us the only thing was 3 penthouse suites at a little over $3,000 for each adult and I don't know how much for the child. It was a huge difference from the great rate we got.
We were going because we got a cheap rate and my 5 year old is totally into Lilo & Stitch.

What it boils down to is this: NCl sold me a 5/21 POA sailing. They then tell me that I was being put on the May 20 POAM sailing. When I go to check on documentation I find out that in fact they changed me to the May 27 POAM. Who changed me, why they changed me, even NCL can't figure it out. There is nothing I can do. My husband's vacation was set 8 months in advance, he has to work around other worker's vacation and training. The vacation is requested, not dictated. Also, I cannot get direct flights. Everthing from my home airport to HNL is not available. I've checked and re-checked. I am an adventurous traveller but I am not taking a 5 year old from TX to Chicago to Denver to LA to Honolulu! That is why I booked the tickets on Sept 2 for May 19.

My husband and I have been to Hawaii several times. We were going for my 5 year old daughter. She was excited. She has a little grass skirt and was learing hula from a tape.

We never asked for anything that we didn't pay for...We asked if someone else who paid close to a penthouse rate could be upgraded, another higher inside upgraded to an outside and us in an inside. We were just asking for a cabin.
Lucky for us, NCL is crediting our CC and we are moving on.
The reason I posted is to make other people aware that this could happen. Just so happens it was NCL. From now on, I will not accept any verbal communications from my travel operators. I will require fax or e-mail. This being the first time I experienced this, I took them at their word. I expected the updated documentation would arrive shortly. If I hadn't followed up, it would have been March when final payment was due that I would have found out about the change in sailing date from 5/20 to 5/27. So-get everything in writing-everything!