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Thank you so much, you have confirmed what I was thinking about the Summit. It is just like the Constellation and I loved that ship. I was looking at some web sites where someone posted pictures and titled them "the worn out Summit" and I was laughing because one was a picture of a toilet seat with a chip or two in it and one was a table that had some rust on the botton of it. Ya gotta laugh! Wonderful review I sure enjoyed reading every word
C1 in the aft are bigger with 2 chairs table and 2 laughes like 9160 that is what I have for May and I have had that cabin before on the Constellation on the sides it is 6143 and 6144 on the Penthouse deck and a little smaller deck is cabin 6135 and 6135. I use to book out as soon as the itinary was released to get those cabins when it was just CC class now it is broken down to C1 being the best location and bigger decks to C2 and C3.....darn I was afraid it was going to end! I just gave up my C1 on the Infinity to So.A because it was $1080 more, I just could do it and it killed to let it go, but I can spend that much on excursions, but also check out in C-2 Sky Deck 9043 abd 9038
and Panorama Deck cabin 8046 and 8045..bigger deck and you can fit 1 lounger and 2 chairs and table and save some $$$$ You can google the cabin and get a hit on a picture someone posted on cabin 8045,
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