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Hi All,

I have to reply. The thing about the wheels is definitely right. You gotta have very sturdy wheels on your suitcases and light bags because we saw with our own eyes a couple of people destroy a wheel on two pieces of their luggage after trying to haul those heavy pieces down the stairs and then up the stairs at Civitavecchia. I do not know where your ship was docked in the port at Civitavecchia but we timed it in our taxi ride and he went straight there not out of the way rides and it was a seven minute cab ride. That would translate for me and my husband and 11 year on a hot May day (85 degrees) with a bag each to be a good 25 minute walk. That would be just too much for an older couple. The cab ride of 2o euros was worth it. It is also not the prettiest of walk - dusty with all the industrial port traffic - not my cup of tea and not the way I want to start my cruise. So I would taxi it from the station or simply forgo the entire thing and take a nice luxury coach from the airport. Cheers.