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Every line has included port fees in the advertised pricing on their sites and has all approved agencies commit to doing the same. This is the first reputable line(s) to pull the port charges from the advertised price. It is obviously to make their cruises appear to be lower cost than other comparable lines. Oceania kind of started the hidden cost practice by hiding much of the cost of their cruise in the taxes and fees lines of their invoicing. Their cruises are advertised at a price that is said to include port charges but when you add the taxes and fees they are typically 3 times the cost of such fees on any other line. They found a way of invoicing that hides a portion of the cost of the cruise through some very creative accounting. This is the next step in that evolution of hiding the actual cost until you call to check total pricing or do a booking. It appears deceptive, at least to me, in that other lines don't hide costs or manipulate the actual taxes and fee structure and put the port charges in the advertised price. These lines did as well, but now announce that they will not from here forward.

Cheers, Neil