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I agree with Dave except would add the following comment. Those cruise contracts (almost as bad as airline contracts) are very one-sided and carefully written to give the cruise line all the rights. However, the Attorney General of Florida, Canadian law, and a few other states' Attorney General's have a different take on those contracts. Hence, Princess (actually Carnival Corp) and RCI Corp revised their original fuel surcharges so that they only applied to new bookings after the announcement date. Those, such as me, who had already paid the fuel surcharges on previously booked cruises received refunds (ours was credited on our cruises). One could deduce that this was only done after the Florida Attorney General publicly announced they were looking into the legality of the retroactivity of the surcharges. And than there was the threat of more than one class-action lawsuit. So, its a pretty good bet that once they have accepted your deposit they will not raise the cruise fares (cruise line provided air is another story).