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My co-worker just returned from the Spirit. He enjoyed every minute of his cruise. He said the ship was beautiful and his cabin was very large. He had an inside in the bow. He didn't like the sound of the waves hitting the bow, but he did like the size of the cabin. He loved the itinerary. Went snorkeling in Belize, went to Paradise beach in Cozumel, went on a taxi tour in Guatemala, and went outside the gate in Costa Maya and walked around. He said the food was very good and he ate mainly at the buffet. He did go to the dining room a couple of times, but preferred eating at the buffet because he was sailing solo. I'm trying to talk him into booking the Epic for next October. He said they're offering studio rooms for those sailing solo that don't spend a whole lot of time in their rooms. He couldn't compare it to the Triumph since he hasn't sailed Carnival. He loves NCL.