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Originally posted by TrvlPro:
My advice to cruise loyalists is never ever consider cruising with any other line for any reason. You'll be very disappointed and those who dine with you, your agent, friends and family can do without the comparisons of why it was a disappointing experience because they didn't provide a robe or fold the napkins correctly in the dining room.

Cheers, Neil
Sorry, I have to disagree here. Variety is the spice of life. What a boring world it would be if everyone just did the same thing over and over and never experienced different things. Yes, it is typical of people to compare something to their "first" whatever. First cruise, first car, even first love, first child, first dog. I would hope though that most people are open minded enough to make fair, constructive comparisons, and then choose what works best for them. People grow and learn by trying different things.