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Goodness, I can't believe how people are getting so worked up over a commercial. I suppose it's my turn now...

First, I still think it's cute. And, it is true, to a degree (on which I will counter, below). On most lines, people still go into the dining room at once, as the commercial shows. (Although we are not all dressed in blue...) And, I remember being on a beach in Bermuda as pax from another ship kept looking at their watches while stating that they had to get back to the ship for dinner.

But, that's about the extent of it. (Here's where I stop defending it.)

Originally posted by Cruise Fanatic:
You will look at your watch on NCL too if you made a reservation, which they highly recommend.
Very, very true. And, as I mentioned in my post above, you will look at your watch even if you didn't make a reservation.

Originally posted by Richard & Mary:
NCL truely lets you dine at your leisure.
Now, this is something I HAVEN'T seen on my three Freestyle cruises. Sure, if you truly want to dine at 5:45 or 9:15, or if you want to serve yourself dinner at the buffet, you will have no problems. But, if you want to dine at 7:30 in the main dining room, be prepared to wait. Not only have I experienced it, but I also heard this directly from someone who has witnessed this hundreds of times -- a maitre d' with whom I had the pleasure of dining during one of my NCL ship tours.

Originally posted by Ron Clark:
Of course NCL has activities scheduled throughout the day and night. You wouldn't expect the performers at the shows to be on all day and night. You shouldn't expect bingo being played all 24 hours, all 7 days of a cruise.
But is it playing to attend these activities?
Yes, I would consider these activities "play," and that is where the commercials are dead wrong.
Happy cruising!