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I have seen 2 people interviewed who talked about climate. 1 said it was cold, she also said she used the light from the balcony door for light. That meant she was on an upper deck. A couple form the Central Valley (California) stated they had no light in their cabin. The toilet could only be used for urine. The smell and heat made their nausea, so they had to stay on the upper decks where it was cool, the they had to wear their robes to keep warm. The said some were using surgical mask because of the smell. They would cruise again and planned on using their cruise credit towards a bigger cruise. So it sounds like passengers might be able to pay the difference in cruise price and get a longer cruise. That is nice.
In two articles I found, it sounded like the media was trying to make it sound worst than the people being interviewed intended.

I am glad to hear that the crew will get ALL their pay. I would not want the job of cleaning the ship, especially the lower decks.
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