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Grand Turk - Seems to me like a very untouched island. We were there in August -

Carnival did build the docking area - I have read that this cost was around $40 million. Many of the shops are not open. I didn't find anything that I wanted to buy.

For Jimmy Buffet's - if you are not a partier - get there early. We were there early - spent some fun time in the pool. But, by 1 or 2 the party really starts. The pool has about 1,500 people in it. Everyone has been drinking to much. Carvinal is pushing alot of this - the dancing was really uncalled for. You really think you are at some night club. Yes the chair are free but waiters are encouraging drinks.

For lunch at Jimmy Buffet's - there's not much on the menu - the Hamburgers are $10.00 (the ship is close enough to go back for lunch).

The beach rocky - but need bad - water shoes would be good. But it's really not that bad.

Some of the people from our ship took a cab into town for $5.00 - they told us - there's not much to see. Some of the people that booked thru the ship (tour of the island for $39.00) said it was a waste of money.

The best thing - I took a long walk on the beach (go to the right - when getting off the ship) - There were so many big shells there. Shells that have been there for years. I was able to bring one back home with me. Theses are the types of shells you are always looking for at the beach in the States.

What I would do if I ever went to Grand Turks again - I would go down the right side of the beach - and spend the day down there. This would make for a great beach day. There were a few famlies down there just playing in the water a having a good time. The Jimmy Buffet area just gets way to much.