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Yes I do; my wife dooooes, so I'm by now kind of a professional assembler.
My suggestion: better find the definitive location of your IKEA item from the beginning.

Here in Italy IKEA's got restaurants inside the shop. We often have "swedish" lunch on saturday, when we go to the mall. IKEA opens 10-20 7/7.

Our favourite IKEA is in Bologna; but we tested IKEA shop & rest also in Genova, Milano, Firenze, Brescia and Padova (which is the newest and the best, in my opinion).
We're planning a shopping incursion in Roma and Napoli, sooner or later.

Let me clear why we tour Italy (even) for IKEA.
It all started when once she bought quite a whole set in Bologna. As she wanted to complete it, the last piece wasn't more available. That single item - a fundamental-essential-basic 10 euros shelf - was available in Milano.
We went there (about 120 miles away) and bought the last one, the one with the label glued on it.
Another time we had to go to Genova: there was none in Bologna, but sixty (60 !!) in Genova. They don't ship ...

We don't spread this IKEA touring thing around: people would think we're crazy to go so far for shopping ... but I suppose that across the Ocean it isn't so weird to move about.
And in the end what the heck, I love driving.
"Give me a wheel and I'll run the world", said someone ... or maybe was a thing of levers, fulcrum and other physical stuff.

The very first time we had IKEA lunch we narrate our sons that meatball with bilberry were "elk-meatballs": so that's their name for good.
Are there IKEA restaurants in U.S. too ? Do they have "elk meatballs" ?