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Originally posted by dab141:
Thanks to all that replied, i didn't book this cabin as a gauranteed for possible upgrade. When i spoke with my agent about changing cabins, "she said she would see what she could do", well that was a week ago. She also informed me that i'm with a group that i know nothing about. Next time i will be more specfic when booking a cruise. I booked this trip in Feb. 06 (I guess that doesn't matter).
The fact that your Travel Agency booked you into a group will have nothing to do with what you experience on the ship. Travel Agency's book individuals into group blocked space all the time. Your Travel Agency did YOU a favor. By booking you into group space she saved you money. If your dining table happens to be assigned with the group it really is no different than if you had been booked at another table with people you don't know. Lighten up on your Agent.