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You will find that many people here are or may be travel agents, and, through work, cruise alot more than people like you and I who do take almost a whole year to save up and pay for our cruises.
Jim, sorry but that's just not true. As a travel agent, I have paid the same for every cruise I take as you or anyone else pays. If we take cruises "through work," it's because we are escorting a group (which is work, not a vacation) and we still pay airfare and taxes, just as you would pay if you were escorting a group. And at a travel agent's so-called salary, believe me that agents who want to cruise have to save up just as much as anyone else.

You'll find that the folks on this forum who do the most cruising have nothing to do with the travel industry, and are employed in some other industry, or are retired and able to cruise.

There are a very few travel agents on the board. Currently, I don't think there are more than 3.