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Hi everyone,

Let's see...answers.
Yes, there is equipment rental at Chankanaab. Not sure which reef we snorkelled in Belize. It was the reef snorkel and beach break excursion that picks you up right from the ship (no tendering required).
Other answers.
1.Our junior suite had wonderful bedding. They put the beds together for hubby and me and had a nice pad on top, so it felt like one bed.
2.Express debarkation takes place betweem 6:15am and 6:30am. We were in group 1 and had to be off by 6:45am, so there wasn't much difference. However, if you can get up early and wheel your bags off, do so. If you put out your bags the night before, you have to reclaim them right after you get off the ship. It's like the baggage claim conveyer belts at the airport and it probably took a good 45 minutes before our bags showed up. If you are flying out of Miami and on a major carrier, pay the $15 and check your bags at the port to your home destination. Miami International is a zoo.
3.My favorite thing was eating at the Portofino and having a glass of champagne at the champagne bar with my hubby while my kiddies were safely occupied elsewhere. I'm not much of a shopper, but every night there were sales going on in the promenade. The ice show was great, but get tickets the very first time they are made available (I believe it is at 8:30 on the first night). Dizzy's is a great place to have a drink as you are leaving whatever island you have visited. It is up on the 14th floor and has fabulous views.
4. As far as teenagers, each night they will receive, along with the Compass, their own "newsflash" as to what is going on for teens the next day. They had scavenger hunts, etc. My 15 year old mainly enjoyed hanging out at the pool with everyone and going to their teen club at night to chat.
Man oh man, I want to go again!!!!!

NC Liz