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Originally posted by h2oski:
We are booked for an Alaska cruise on Rhapsondy of the seas in July and one full day is crusing the Tracy Arm Fjord. I have absolutly no idea what to expect and would appreciated any input that you may have. Is this best seen from the top deck or relaxing on the balcony? I hope there are many "Kodak" moments but I suppose that all depends on the weather.

Any ideas on how to make this special?

There will be many Kodak MINUTES. Here is a link to some videos I took in June 2006. The were taken on the Sun Princess. They will give you an idea of the size of the Arm. A few disclaimers here . I am not a pro by any means. These were not taken with a video cam. They were taken with one of my digital camera, a Canon S2IS. It only take short clips, but serves me well.
My Aunt and Uncle enjoyed the view from their Balcony. I think the top Deck is the best.
Enjoy your trip.
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