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I've booked a Christmas Cruise for my family on the NOS leaving Dec 23 cruising the western Caribbean. We can't wait. I booked it last April. Not being a family that has done alot of traveling, I booked it through a friend's travel agent. No, I didn't check around, was just too excited to book and went ahead. Now, if it wasn't for these boards, I would know nothing. I booked, she took my money and haven't heard a thing. I probably wouldn't even notice except that some major changes have happened that I think she should have informed us about that I only know about because of these boards. Mainly the drinking age. I have 2 sons who are 19 and 21. Both have been drinking legally in Canada for almost 2 years. Now my 19 year old(almost 20 by the cruise) will not be able to have a drink. I really feel my travel agent should have informed us of this. We will be paid in full in the next couple of weeks. I'm not saying I would have cancelled, and this is just one thing I know about, but should it not be part of the job of a travel agent to keep their clients infromed of any rule changes?