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Since you are thinking about air arrangements, I have a suggestion based on a cruise we took out of Barcelona last December. I believe Aer Lingus operates daily flights out of Boston to Barcelona. All of their flights require you to change in Dublin, but this turns out to have a real benefit. We booked Aer Lingus (out of Dulles) last December, and did a free stop-over in Dublin for a few days. It turned out that Aer Lingus allows stopovers in Dublin for up to 30 days with no charge, plus you get to keep the higher luggage allowances allowed on their transatlantic flights. They also are popular with many of us who do a lot of transatlantics because they let you book one-way flights at half the cost of roundtrip. Since we had no desire to spend time in Barcelona (have been there more than 6 times) we simply took the early morning flight from Dublin to Barcelona the day of the cruise (its only a 2 hour flight). We were not too concerned about the possibility of missing the ship because the flight was in Barcelona by 10, but we also knew we could have easily caught up to the ship the following day in Alicante (our backup plan).