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First of all, you can mix all your medicines together. They will not search your medicines. The security is not that drastic; not at the airport nor cruise port.

If it is liquid medicines AND you are going through an airport: keep the liquid medicines in your carry-on under 3.5 fluid oz (100ml) and put it in a quart sized ziploc bag. If not, put it in your checked baggage. If not, declare it to the security screeners before you send it through the checkpoint X-ray. Solid medicines (pills) will always be allowed, mixed together or not.

Also, if you are going through airport security, make sure you don't have any beverages: Soft drinks, bottles of water, juices, etc.

Cruise port security is less strict than airline security. They will allowed just about any liquids except alcohol beverages.

Liquor is always a big sale item in the ports of call. When you return to your ship, you will have to undergo airport-stlye security screening (each and every time you leave the ship and return to it). It's at that security screening area (immediately inside the porthole entranceway) where they will collect your bottles of alcohol and hold them in storage until you return home. I suppose awhile back the cruiselines got fed-up with rampant drunkeness onboard and decided to crack-down and limit passenger's access to alcohol. So that is probably how this collecting and stowing of purchased alcohol came about.

Speaking of a CD. Carnival instead, has a DVD which you can purchase and recieve at the end of the cruise. It will contain old stock video footage mixed in with the videotaping that occured during your very cruise. They usually sell it for around $30. It will make an excellent momento; I always order one during my cruises.

By the way, EVERYTHING you purchase on a cruise ship will be made with your room card (better known as a Sail and Sign card); not with paper money nor credit card. On the last day, a finally bill with all the purchases tallied will be slipped under the door of your room. When that happened to me, I look at it quickly for mistakes, I saw none so I did nothing. Eventually the final Sail and Sign bill charge appeared on my credit card. On a certain page inside my cruise documents (which I received by mail prior to the cruise) I filled in my credit card number to be used as payment for my Sail and Sign account.

Anyway, I hope you have a great time on your cruise. Take care