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Welcome back Mr. O.

As mentioned some of the activities are getting old. But then some are just old time traditions. It seems no matter how many times I see the Newly Wed show it is always pretty good. It of course is always the changing participants and their answers that make the show. The cruise lines can only do so much in the confines of space,time, and keeping it interesting for ALL ages. All cruise lines keep trying to come out with something new and innovative. IE: The Oasis of the Seas. NCL has their new White Nights and make it snow out by the pool. Celebrity will soon be the first to have a 1/2 acre of real grass for putting and crochet, and they will have glass blowing on the ship. They also were the first to offer acupucture. HAL has gone to culinary kitchens on the ships with cooking demonstrations and lessons. Princess has pottery, photography, and computer lessons. Many ships have naturalist and lecturers.

Keep in mind some of the things we think would be good ideas, may have to be approved for safety issues and by the CDC.