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Members of this forum represent a very diverse cross section of the world. Culture and demographics dictate that we all have varying choices in diet, both solid and liquid. I love wine and I love to share wine and wine knowledge with others. I am interested in what other people consider to be their favorite wines. It doesn't matter if you purchase your wine from a vintage dealer or simply purchase it at a local grocer, people's choices of wine fascinate me. I will tell you a couple of my favorites and I want you to give me some feedback on your own preferences.

White: I am a big fan of California whites. With the surge in the European and Australian white wine markets, the Californian grapes have sorta been put on the back burner. I have always been a fan of Conundrum wines and I still have to say that the 2003 vintage is still one of my favorites. It's a bold and crisp table wine that really pairs well with oysters and other shellfish. Bottles of this vintage should be available for approximately $30-40 (I know... kinda pricey for a wine with a screw-off top ).

Red: My tastes are all over the board on reds. Just about every region of the world has a 90+ point wine on the board right now. It really comes down to what type of grape you like. I am still a fan of the Carneros region of California with names like Schug and Acacia, but I would be lying if I didn't tout the flavor and quality of wines available around the world. One of my current favorites is a case that I have recently opened. It is an Australian 2001 Tapestry McLaren Vale Shiraz. I won't bore you with the subtle hints of flavor that make it delicious, but I will say that it makes it's presence known. Bottles of this vintage should be available for approximately $80 (you might be able to find it a little cheaper with a thorough internet search).