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. . . .a very dangerous parade!

Hank, the "Vespa Bandits" are alive and well; I personally know of two incidents: one in Naples and one in Barcelona. A woman on a tour with us in Barcelona had her purse grabbed by a guy on a motor scooter; the force knocked her to the ground and she suffered minor injuries. In Naples a good friend, who is 6'4" and in excellent shape, was jostled by a group of thugs and had his wallet lifted. But he was immediately aware of the theft and able to grab one of the guys as he was hopping on the back of a scooter, pulling him off and knocking the scooter off balance, throwing it and the driver to the ground. My friend and a passer-by were able to detain the one thug, who by chance was the one with his wallet, until police arrived; all the rest got away.