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hi everyone,

it has been a while since i have posted on this site but i have got to tell everyone aboout this cruise.

it was a surprise for my wife's 40th b-day. we pulled up to the pier in ny and she was shocked! but the surprise was not over. after being on the ship for about an hour and a half, she got a text message from my brother in riddle form. the riddle led her to room 8220. when she opened to door she was surprised to see her brother in law , sister in law and a freind. he handed her a card that had another riddle clue on it and she figured out that she had to go to the casino where she got surprise #2. her mother and father in law.

she was them handed another clue that led her to another area of the ship where she found her two aunts. again given a clue in riddle formation that sent us on a wild hunt to an arcade that her parents were hiding in. she was a blubbering idiot by this point but one more clue was given and we were off to the lido deck.

there we found her brother and about 300 people sung happy birthday to her. the surprise was great and she was glowing for two straight days. she will never forget her 40th birthday.

were any of you on this cruise? we had a blast except for the weather everything went perfectly!