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ftacher, dress code has been a hot button on this board and with cruisers for a long time. There are those who hold with tradition and believe formal is the only appropriate attire for recommended formal nights. I am as uncomfortable in a jacket and tie as you are. I do comply with the recommendations for a number of reasons not the least is because my wife would be appauled if I didn't and I'd have to dine alone. Another is, why not on lines where it is expected? The cruiseline has the final word and you have their blessing so enjoy your casual attire. But I don't expect their will ever be agreement on here or onboard among some of your fellow passengers with your choice. So be it, have a great time, you wouldn't offend me. You also wouldn't win any popularity contests with my wife. Seems the ladies are more sensative about these traditions. God bless 'em, they've made me a conformist and I don't even mind.

Cheers, Neil